Storydrop is dormant.





Storydrop II is complete!

From the universities to the railway station, from Monument to Byker, over 200 envelopes containing original fiction have been placed around central Newcastle.

They have been disappearing from the streets like glossy conkers eagerly seized.

Have you discovered one? If so, what did it draw into your day?

All reactions, impressions, judgements and criticisms are best directed at Twitter – @Storydrop

If you’ve not happened upon an envelope there is succour to be found here. The five stories issued in the drop will presently be added to these pages.

You have Storydrop’s thanks for calling in!


It comes back again

Storydrop II is to take place on the 11th of October!

A selection of stories will be scattered across central Newcastle in a broad, haphazard strafe. There will be hundreds of  marked envelopes to discover in the open street, in shops, and in public institutions alike.

This glorious mitigation of the drear slide into winter will be a one-day phenomenon, so be sure to mark the calendar.

As with Storydrop I, reactions and reflections will be be enthusiastically welcomed. The @Storydrop Twitter feed is the ideal forum, as well as a first-rate source for updates and tweet-length book reviews.

So, weather permitting (for who likes their fiction soggy?) the date is fixed: 11/10/11.

Keep eyes open!

To any spry newcomers, and to all the sorely avid and interested –

Storydrop is naturally alive and well, but will remain in a state of dormancy for the time being. With the turn of the season it is expected that Storydrop will be resurrected in the guise of Storydrop the Second.

In the temperate meanwhile @Storydrop will be an active questing entity on Twitter – any questions, suggestions, criticisms, or reflections ought to be aimed squarely there.

Till the pungent, mulchy Autumn then.

The drop is concluded: over 200 envelopes nestled around Newcastle in a faerie phenomena to beguile and delight the mind.

For anyone who was dearly hoping to stumble across a package and did not, there is no need for disconsolate moping – all five fictions distributed in this ¬†Storydrop have been collected here on the ‘Storydrop the First’ page. Browse at leisure: it’s a library, not a shop.

Lastly, to those who have been so provoked, stimulated, bemused, or otherwise, as to wish to comment, Storydrop recommends that you flit to Twitter – @Storydrop and wax away.

The phenomenon for which your slumbering heart has pined: Storydrop 2011.

Due to take place on the 14th of June, this rarefied occasion will see packages of short fiction materialising around Newcastle.

Keep eyes open in likely and unlikely quarters, and glance askance with hope.